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Extended available appointments for November -December!!

featured here is my beautiful guest Monique wearing a vivid balayage. 



My REPAIR conditioning hairapy is a true multitasker! Read more to see all the ways your gonna love using it. 


•Use it as a deep conditioner from scalp to ends for 15min or more for nourishing hydration and soothing your scalp. 

•Co-wash for dryer course textures who need to preserve their own moisture but need to cleanse & refresh the scalp without the oily feels.

•Cocktail it with your favorite oils or bonding treatments like olaplex for major hairapy on compromised hair.

•Rub it into your hands, feet and cuticles for crazy moisture and a soothing refreshing scent. 

•SHAVE! Yes you read it right! Rub a thin layer on anywhere you shave for a hydrating barrier for your blade.


whoo! Don't you dig that?!

Dig This Tip!

After you dry your hair thoroughly, just before you use your flat or curling iron, grab your dry shampoo and spray it thru your roots. Then use your hot tool to style, shake or rake it out and finish off with a bit more dry shampoo. Now you've added some texture, movable hold and it's ready to eat up any oils to stretch out the life of your fresh style.  

Scroll down for my go to fav!


A TRUE Dry Shampoo that instantly refreshes 2nd day hair. Zero-weight spray absorbs excess oil and odor, leaving hair brushable and touchably soft.



  • Aloe Vera provides important nutrients, essential amino acids, moisture and legendary rejuvenation benefits necessary for optimum scalp and hair health
  • Starch from Corn for optimal oil and odor absorption
  • Botanical extract blend of Chamomile, Horsetail, Nettle and Henna provides strength and promotes scalp health
  • Sun ower Seed Extract, a powerful antioxidant, helps to prevent damage caused by UVA and UVB rays.

Follow up on the 10min Touch up!

I've tested it out on some of my regular clients the last 2 weeks and I'm truly impressed! Here a snippet of what my results were like.







If you would like to give it a try on your next appointment or try it at home as a touch up kit, please let me know in an email. www.idigyourhair@gmail.com

Cheers to diggin' your hair! 




Touch Up your roots in 10Min! What!!

I know, I totally didn't believe it either until I gave it a whirl this past weekend! 

Introducing Igora Color 10

Product Benefits:

  • Processing time complete in only 10 minutes
  • Perfect white hair coverage
  • Long-lasting colour retention & vibrancy
  • Perfect & even colour results
  • Stunning & long-lasting shine

    This service is ideal for clients with time contraints, hectic schedules & that hold me over my greys are peeking out moments. I'm hoping once I get accustomed to using it, I can offer those that want a professional color kit for home in between visits with me. Cool right!

Igora color 10

Moving Soon!

As I've been mentioning the last month & in addition to my last newsletter, we are moving!

Unfortunately I have been illegally sublet to by a not so honest landlord. But due to my natural hustling qualities, I scooped up a Sola Salon Suite thats currently being built in the Rose Garden on the Alameda San Jose. This move will take place the first week of September and I will be sure to update all platforms everyone finds me on, including your reminders will have an updated address & map. I'm looking forward to upgrading your experience & can't wait to have you as my guest!

P.S! My super Awesome coily haired hair ninja Kia Fay #kiafaystyles #thecurlconsultant will be coming with me in this new suite.


Cheers to good hair!


Gimme some of that Color Swag!

This year I wanted to focus on refining & refreshing my skills in color. Not just any color, but color that makes everyone swoon because of it's lived in, naturally dimensional quality. Most definitely nothing you can find in a box!

Months in advance, I booked Sema @semamariehair for a personal all day class in my suite. She formerly was an assistant for the famous Tracy Cunningham, tending to many LA stars such as Lindsay Lohan. The day was jam packed with color theory, formulas, placement & practice & now I can say, my color game is, well, ON FLEEK!

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