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Hello, I'm Domenica & ive been reinventing hair since 1997.
Growing in this industry has sharpened my eye for appreciating & seeing beauty in all kinds of people.

Hair is a personal reflection of who you are. It's a way to express yourself, exude an attitude, and reinvent as you change through the years. That's what my work is for: to help bring out those things or help you discover them.

Here’s how I do it:

I love the company of all cultures and ages, and I work with an honest approach to what suits your face, skin-tone, age, budget, and lifestyle in hopes of bringing out the best in you.

I value good old - fashioned hospitality and loyalty in business. I care about the reputation of my work, as well as the integrity of your service.

I believe Better is better! Better ingredients, better care, better hair.

I feel getting to know you, helps me to unveil your inner style and what matters to you.

I believe a healthy scalp is the foundation for beautiful hair. I care what goes in it and on it.

You deserve to dig your hair! I'm here to help.

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