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This thoughtfully curated blend of organic essential plant nutrients is designed to target hair that's been compromised at the follicle and scalp.
RETAIN THE MANE's combination of 12 herbs is crafted to regenerate the hair follicle and bulb, increasing circulation and absorption of minerals.
Regular use of RETAIN THE MANE is intended to strengthen and anchor the hair follicles so the full potential of the growth phase can be obtained. 
The 7 nutritive oils deliver an abundance of lipids and minerals to fortify new hair growth and inhibit any premature fall out phase.
Essential essence of Vanilla, Cardamom, Ginger, Cinnamon, Clove and Starr Anise warms this self care ritual by encouraging blood flow, feelings of calm, and healing.

HOW TO USE: Apply a droplet to targeted areas. Massage and leave in. Use daily and consistently for 1-2 months to see results. Some may see results sooner.
* For optimal absorption, be sure your scalp is free from product or build up.
For ALL humans
Small Batch
Junk free & fake fragrance free!
All ingredients are sustainable, certified organic, Non GMO, gluten free and verified with COA.
Organic Proprietary formula: Rosemary leaf, nettle leaves, horse tail, ginkgo leaf, gotu kola, peppermint leaf, spearmint leaf, ginger root, red clover, saw palmetto berry, fenugreek seeds, pink pepper, Vanilla absolute, Cardamom oil, Ginger oil, Cinnamon bark oil, Clove bud oil, and; Star anise oil steeped in a base of Bhringraj oil, Sacha Inchi oil, Oat oil, Moringa oil, Amla oil, Milk Thistle seed oil, and Green coffee bean oil.