Ahhh Ya!


I’m so excited noticing a steady increase of new people joining me here! So I wanted to pop on to reintroduce some things about me to all you lovely people.

✨I’m Domenica born and raised in the Bay Area and a Hairstylist of 22yrs.

✨I have a beautiful multicultural family both personally and spiritually.

✨I adore the company of all cultures and ages.

✨I am a foodie for life of international cuisine. I feel food is such a great way to learn about culture and people.

✨I am well versed in all textures of hair and passionate about providing TRUE Haircare to all people who want to keep their mane thriving!

✨I’m a minimalist, holistic hustler, herb takin’, MOTOWN listenin’, granola momma at heart and could watch Tiny Desk Concerts all day as I spark ⚡️joy making oil infusions and hair tonics for my clients.

✨I was only 18 when I started my career and at the time it was all about having fun, doing what was trending, while I looked good too 😎 because you know, we had to go to the club after work 💃🏻🕺🏻

✨Thru the years I found myself in situations with clients dealing with: cancer, alopecia, scalp disorders, domestic abuse, low self esteem because of never learning about their hair texture, allergies to products or simply needing privacy for religious reasons while getting their hair done. 

✨This made me love the impact of my craft. It has taught me how much we need to help each other simply because we can.

✨It has helped me discover new ways I can be useful and helpful as I evolve in my career.

✨I’m now almost 42 🤫 and I be Wearin’ out these Danskos Yo! 👡 Don’t worry, they got way cuter through the years.

✨I work 3-4 days a week so I don’t kill my back and to keep myself fresh to create behind the chair. So I can be a mom to my kids while they’re young and to enjoy the life I’m creating an hr away from where I work.

✨What I want most now is to connect with people like YOU, the ones still here.

✨I want to make solutions to your everyday life hair struggles and prove you can do it simply and healthy.

✨I want you to love your individual texture and show you what it could be when you care for it well.

✨To prove you can have a hair routine that uses minimal products and frees up time to actually enjoy it!

✨To my fellow Pros and creatives: I want to collaborate. I want to connect with like minded values and disrupt all that is ugly in the beauty industry.

✨I want to consolidate the over saturated market of hair products and squash the idea that we need categories for genders or cultures.

✨To disrupt miss guided, lied to consumers from buying products from anywhere other than from a trained licensed professional.

✨I want to create products that YOUR clients want and need. And make them with the utmost integrity and quality. Products that nourish the scalp and hair follicles no matter the shape.

✨Products that won’t stop trending. Multi use products that can be used in more than one way.

✨Products that really are what they say.

✨Products that are only available through a professional who cares what’s best for you and who will guide you properly of their use.

✨Products with holistic ingredients that will nourish and make your hair/skin flourish!

✨Products that are everything you need and nothing you don’t. Backed by a trusted source who understands hair.

✨Made in small batches, worth the wait and never to be found on a shelf in a sea of capitalistic beauty markets.

Wouldn’t you dig that? Thank you for reading, following and just being here still.

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